Sizing Guide

Reference for Sizes:

Small: Sparrowhawks, Kestrels, Merlins, Hobbies etc.
Medium: M.Harris, Barn owls, M. Peregrine. M. Gos, Lanners, M. Hybrids, Sakret, etc. 
Large: F Harris, F. Peregrine. F. Hybrids, Buzzards, M + F Red-tails, F. Saker, and F. Gos etc.
Extra large: All Eagles. M + F. Ferruginous. Eagle Owls. 

Glove Sizing Guide
Small: 6 - 7 ¼ inch 
Medium: 7¾ - 8 ½ inch 
Large: 8¾ - 9 ¾ inch 
Extra large: 10 - 11 inch 
Simply wrap a tape measure around the palm of your hand & note the measurement. In the photo you see a measurement of 8 ½" (at the join).  Therefore this sample = Large. 
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