Frequently Asked Questions

We are more than pleased to meet you personally. To avoid disappointment, we ask that you get in touch to make an appointment. Please visit our Contact page for details.

With over 40 years in falconry equipment manufacturing and supplying, our unmatched customer service ensures a personal touch – when you call, you'll speak directly to me, not a machine. Any issues you encounter will be promptly rectified with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Given we carry a huge selection of products, many of which being hand-made, we ask that you allow 3 – 5 days delivery.

For details, please visit our Returns Policy page of the online store.

Please see our video tutorial by visiting the Glove Sizing Guide section of the online store.

Yes I do. We have a service for attaching Anklets, Jesses. Please visit our Contact page to get in touch.

For first-time falconers, the fundamental equipment includes Anklets, Jesses, Swivels, a Leash, and a Glove.

When you're ready to embark on training your hawk, you'll require additional items like Bells, Bewits, a Hawking bag (or waistcoat), a Lure, and a creance.

You can of course acquire all the above by visiting the Products section of our online store.

I'd personally suggest a Lanner Falcon. Their adaptability, swift learning, and cooperative nature make them suitable for falconers of all abilities. Additionally, their agility and intelligence ensure a rewarding learning experience while building a strong bond between you and your bird.

I'd personally go with a Harris Hawk. They're great for all falconers due to their social, cooperative nature and intelligence, making them easy to train and especially ideal for beginners.

Dutch hoods are traditionally used on Falcons and Anglo-Indian hoods are traditionally used on Hawks.

To explore our range of hawking hoods, please visit our Hoods section of the online store.

You simply wrap the anklet around the hawk’s leg, then using the “Male and female” rivets (supplied) push these through the pre-punched holes and squeeze them tightly together using pliers. They will be permanently on. No eyelet tools required.

To find out more, please visit the Anklets page of our online store.

Kangaroo leather is an excellent choice for crafting Jesses due to its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio. It outperforms other leathers in this regard, offering up to ten times the strength of cowhide.

This exceptional strength is attributed to the unique fiber arrangement in kangaroo leather and its lack of sweat glands. Additionally, the uniform distribution of elastin within the leather provides added tensile strength, making it our preferred option for jesses.

To explore our ranges please visit the Jesses section of our online store.

Polypropylene rope is well-known for its strength and durability. Not only is it made from an incredibly robust cord, it also benefits from a tight multi-strand construction – which maximises its inherent strength and makes it very hard-wearing. The cord won't splinter during use.