Collection: Hoods

Dutch Hoods: Each hood is cut from fine grained hide, cross-stitched and burnished to a fine finish. Top knot with synthetic braces come as standard.  A durable, well fitting, light tight hood. (Colours may vary according to stock availability but browns, blacks, tans, naturals & reds are usual colours - nothing outrageous!). Please telephone if you have a colour preference. Please confirm the sex & species from the menus below.

Medium: M. Peregrine. M. Goshawks, Lanners, Luggers, M. Hybrids, Sakret, M. Harris etc.

Large: F. Peregrine. F. Hybrids, F. Harris, Buzzards, Red-tails, F. Saker, and F. Goshawks etc.

Extra large: All Eagles. Ferruginous.