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Outdoor Bow Perches: Manufactured from high grade 304 stainless steel, (not the inferior 404 some times used by cheaper sources) with rubber perch area which can be cleaned & disinfected for 100% hygiene. Designed to last a life time! 100% Stainless!

Large: Approx. 24" long x 10" high
Medium: Approx. 18" long x 10" high

from £70.00

Portable Indoor Bow Perches: Stainless steel frame with heavy steel, coated “feet”.  Ribbed rubber perching area which can be cleaned & disinfected for 100% hygiene. Our new design is now even heavier for extra stability.

Large: Approx 21" wide x 12" high. 10kgs (22Lbs).

Medium: Approx  TBA 

from £90.00

Indoor Block Perch

Indoor block perches: Hardwood block perches, fixed onto a heavy base plate. Can be used in either the home, car, garden or aviary. Complete with astro-turf surface and steel ring.
Small: Apprx 4" diameter. Weight: 8Lb. (4kg).
Medium: Apprx 5" diameter. Weight: 8Lb. (4kg).
Large: Apprx 7" diameter. Weight: 8Lb.. (4Kg).

from £49.95

Outdoor Block Perch

Outdoor Block Perches: Natural, traditional falcon blocks. Made from well seasoned hardwoods, fitted with a stainless steel spike, astro-turf top which can be removed for cleaning and a stainless steel tie ring. The top of the block is rounded off to prevent jesses, tail feathers and leash snagging.

Large: Approx 7" diameter
Medium: Approx 5" diameter
Small: Approx 4" diameter

from £50.00

Astro Turf

Astro Turf. Ideal for all types of perching. Maintains hygiene, helps in the prevention of Bumblefoot and other foot infections. Easy to clean. Each piece measures apprx 90cm x 30cm. (36" x 12")

High Ring Perch

High Ring Perch With Rotating Top: Manufactured from high grade stainless steel bar with rubber perching area which can be pressure cleaned & disinfected for 100% hygiene. Designed to keep your bird off the ground away from damp, frosts, vermin and also to help maintain fitness! Hawks especially appear more relaxed and calm when perched in this elevated position.

Height: 4ft. From the ground to the perching area.