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F10 Disinfectant

F10 Super Concentrate Disinfectant: F10 Veterinary Concentrate Disinfectant: 200ml. Dilute 4ml into 1 litre of water. Can be applied as a fine spray to de-mist aviaries and eradicate airborne microbes and stop cross contamination.  Also used for travel boxes, cadges and perches etc. Non-toxic, Non-irritant, Bio-degradable.


Hawk Baths

Hawk Bath: Hawk Bath: Dark green fibre glass. Smooth rounded edge and a stippled "anti-slip" bottom.

Ideal for Redtails, Harris, Falcons and Goshawks etc.


Coping Files

Coping files: A set of six various needle files. Hardened and tempered. (Flat, flat taper, half round, square and round, etc) Use for re-shaping the beak, after coping.

Coping Clippers

Coping clippers: Pair of safety cutters to give you a precise cut where you need it. For use when coping talons, beaks and also useful for other family pets!

Astro Turf

Astro Turf. Ideal for all types of perching. Maintains hygiene, helps in the prevention of Bumblefoot and other foot infections. Easy to clean. Each piece measures apprx 90cm x 30cm. (36" x 12")

Tail Guard

Tail Guard: Protect your hawks' tail feathers when in transit or on a kill. This design simply opens by hand then closes around your hawks' tail and is secured with velcro. A pre-cut hole also accommodates most tail bells.