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Full Length Double Thickness

Full length, Double Thickness: Nu-Buck skin. A practical all round hawking glove! Complete with lining, Rolled edging, safety "D" ring and tassel. Double thickness over thumb, wrist and first two fingers. Comes nearly upto the crease in your arm. Suitable for larger hawks such as Harris' hawks, Goshawks, Redtails, falcons, Hybrids and Owls etc.


Single Thickness, Mid Length

Single thickness, Three quarter: - mid length. Nu-Buck. A practical and versatile hawking glove! Complete with lining, Rolled edging, "D" ring and tassel. Suitable for the medium hawks such as Falcons, Tiercels and Barn owls etc.


Single Thickness, Wrist Length

Single thickness. Wrist length: Nu-Buck skin. Suitable for medium to small hawks, Barn owls. Tawny owls, Tiercels, Merlin, Kestrel and Sparrowhawks etc.


Eagle Glove Triple Thickness

Eagle Glove (Triple thickness): Triple thickness over thumb, wrist and the first two fingers. Gauntlet, with lining, Rolled edging, "D" ring and tassel. This gauntlet is a full 15" inch length and fits right into the crease of your arm. Specially made for large species such as Female Redtails, Eagles Owls, Eagles and similar size birds.


Glove Clip.

Glove clip:  

Approx 12 inches in length (30cm).

These glove clips have a quality swivel clip at one end and a sturdy loop at the other.

Colour: Dark green.

(Sorry, glove excluded).

Hand sizing guide




Extra large:

6 - 7 ¼ inch circumference

7 ¼ - 8 ½ inch circumference

8 ½ - 9 ¾ inch circumference

9 ¾ - 10 ½ inch circumference

Simply wrap a tape measure around your hand and follow this guide to find your correct glove size.